Tur Adı: İstanbul 3 Gece 4 Gün Tur

Tür: Özel (Kişisel) Tur veya Küçük Grup Turu

Başlangıç ​​ve Bitiş Noktası: İstanbul

Çalışır: Her Gün / Tüm Yıl Boyunca

Tur Süresi: 5 Gece / 6 Gün

Ulaşım: (Partinizin büyüklüğüne göre) Minibüs / Minibüs / Otobüs

Konaklama: (Seçtiğiniz otellerde konaklama) Ekonomik / 3 Yıldızlı / Butik / 4 Yıldızlı / 5 Yıldızlı & Deluxe Oteller

Boyut: Minimum 1 Kişi


1. GÜN : İstanbul’a varış

İstanbul’a varış ve otelinize transfer. günün geri kalanı boş zamanlarında

Gece: İstanbul – Yemek (Dahil değil)

2. GÜN : İstanbul – Eski Şehir Turu

Bugün tam gün İstanbul Old City turumuz var. Osmanlı, Bizans ve Roma döneminden kalma anıtları görüyoruz.

Pick up from Hotel at 0900 am and istanbul tour .Today we visit :
*Hippodrome-The horse cart’s race place during Roman Era, its Obelisk, Orme Pillar,entwined snake pillar are still visible today.
*The Blue Mosque- 17 C AD Mosque , masterpiece of Turkish Islamic Architecture. listed by Unesco in the world heritage listand designed with excellent blue tiles which gives the name to the mosque
*Hagia Sophia- Built in 6 the C as a church during Justinen Era and converted into Mosque by the Turks in 15 C AD .Today it served as a museum to its admirers and converted back to a mosque recently .. listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.
*Topkapi Palace-(Except harem) The residential and administration of Ottoman Sultans which is housing a lot of Sultan’s Customes,Thrones, treasures, holy relics, porcelains and tiles with a great view of the Bosphorus. ( listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.)
*The Grand Bazaar- The biggest Covered Bazaar in the world which has about 4000 shops


Topkapi Palace closed on tuesday  replaced with Kariye (Chora) Museum or, Basilica Cistern or Galata Tower

Grand BAzaar  Market on Sunday: Replaced with authentic shops

Overnight: Istanbul – Meals (Breakfast & Lunch)

DAY 3     : Istanbul – Bosporus Cruise – Asian Side

Morning pick up from hotel and continue to;

*Spice Bazaar, located close to water front nearby Yeni Camii  (New Mosque) . This is a bazaar where you can find numerous kind of spices, dried fruits, nuts and seeds and also many other things. Closed on Sundays

*Dolmabahce Palace-built in 19 C AD in Baroque ,Rococo , Neo classical  Style blended with Ottoman Architecture for  Ottoman Dynasty. The lasts 6 Sultans of Ottoman Empire reigned in this palace. Dolmabahce Palace has 285 rooms and 43 halls. The biggest cyrstal chandelier which is 4,5 tons is in Dolmabahce Palace.

* Lunch

*Golden Horn is an inlet of the Bosphorus dividing the city of Istanbul and forming a natural harbor. One can see the old city and Galata tower panoramically while cruising from ferry.

*Bosphorus Cruise, through the waterway separating the two continents, Europe and Asia, with a possibility to take photographs of marble palaces, ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture besides modern residential and luxurious apartments.

We disembark in Uskudar in the end of the day and walk till the Maiden Tower which is located on small islet in Marmara Sea nearby Uskudar district. It is the best spots to view The European side of Istanbul which is full of minarets of mosques, palaces, towers .

We take picture of the Maiden Tower and take the underwater metro from Asian to European sideand return back to hotel

End of tour, transfer to your hotel.

Also seen during the tour from the boat:

Imperial Gardens of Royal Yildiz Palace, Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Bosphorus & Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges connecting Europe & Asia continents, Beylerbeyi Palace, Ortakoy, Mecidiye Mosque, Rumeli Fortress.


* Hagia Sophia on Monday: Replaced with one of these sites: Basilica Cistern, Kariye Museum or Turkish & Islamic Art Museum

* Topkapi Palace on Tuesday: Replaced with one of these sites: Basilica Cistern, Kariye Museum or Turkish & Islamic Art Museum

*Dolmabahcei Palace on Monday & Thursday / Replaced with Kariye Museum or Basilica Cistern

* Grand Bazaar on Sunday Replaced with authentic shops


• All transfers from Istanbul Airports – Arrival & Departure transfers

• All admission fees (Museum Tickets) in tours

• Listed meals only

• 3 Night Accommodations in your choice of hotels (Bed & Breakfast)

• Klimalı, sigara içilmeyen konforlu Araç ile ulaşım

• Lisanslı bir Rehber tarafından turlar sırasında profesyonel rehberlik hizmetleri

• Tüm Otoyol biletleri ve Otopark ücretleri.

• Boat trip in Istanbul

* Vergi


• Rehberlik ve Sürücü için tüm alışılmış ipuçları

• Tüm İçecekler

• Tüm kişisel harcamalar

• İsteğe Bağlı Aktiviteler

• Kuru temizleme hizmetleri

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